Environmental Justice for Sustainable Green Development : The Third South Asia Judicial Roundtable in Sri Lanka

Published on Friday, 5 September 2014

The Third South Asian Judicial Roundtable on Environmental Justice took place in Colombo under the theme of Environmental Justice for Sustainable Green Development.

While President Mahinda Rajapaksa was the Chief Guest at the occasion the proceedings commenced with the welcome remarks by Chief Justice Mohan Pieris. Organised as a part of an initiative of the Asian Development Bank, the event saw the attendance of Chief Justices, senior judges and experts from a number of Asian countries who shared their views over a period of two days. Following the series of presentations that represented viewpoints of respective countries, the sessions drew to a close with the declaration formulated from the discussion points, culminating in the presentation of the Colombo Action Plan.

Welcome address by Mohan Pieris P C , Chief Justice of Sri Lanka

It is indeed my great pleasure on this occasion of extreme significance to extend a warm welcome to all our distinguished invitees today among whom we have his Excellency the President honouring us by gracing this momentous event, the Third South Asia Judicial Roundtable On Environmental Justice For Sustainable Green Development.

This Roundtable of South Asian Judiciary on Environmental Justice marks a continuous commitment of Asian Development Bank’s Strategic Framework (Strategy 2020), which recognizes environment and good governance as the cornerstones of economic growth and poverty reduction-two very important themes, which find expression in Mahinda Chintanaya-the blue print for sustainability of our people which was conceived and nurtured by His Excellency the President.

Towards this end of strategic priorities, environment and good governance, Asian Development Bank has consistently engaged with senior judiciary in Asia. Under their laudable Law, Justice and Development Programme (LJD), they have actively assisted SAARC Law countries to strengthen their legal, regulatory and enforcement capacities with regard to environmental justice. [Read full text www.businesstoday.lk]