World Conference on Environment - 2017

25 - 26 March 2017

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The World Conference on Environment held in New Delhi, India is a further step towards pioneering approaches which will have repercussions globally on all environmental policy areas such as Paris Agreement 2015, Forest, Wildlife and Biodiversity, Municipal Solid Waste, Environment and Public Health, Air and Water Pollution, Climate Change, Public Health and Environment and Innovative approaches for Environmental Remediation and Restoration. Through the scheduled speakers, the Conference intends to create awareness amongst all the stakeholders in relation to the various current and emerging issues of environment. The conference aims to provide a platform, so as to examine, analyze and evaluate various environmental issues and formulate a road map to achieve Environmental Justice to all.

This Conference is designed to deal with the key issues shared by stakeholders' from all over the world with major environmental challenges, namely, raising awareness, information, integration, management of environmental resources, gearing towards innovative approaches to environmental remediation and restoration. The world is facing an extraordinary situation, in relation to the finite extent of all its natural resources and to find solutions, frame policies objectively and transparently which will be acceptable to all stakeholders at large, in protecting further degradation of natural resources.

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