Access to Environmental Justice: A Source on Environmental Rights and Legal Remedies

Access to Environmental Justice: A Sourcebook on Environmental Rights and Legal Remedies is a recognition of the urgency of environmental justice as our common concern, the fundamental character of environmental rights and the necessity of environmental remedies. It outlines the pioneering efforts of the Supreme Court and the entire judiciary to translate into concrete programs the vision of our Constitution for a balanced and healthful ecology.

As comprehensive as it is detailed, this Sourcebook presents the remarkable array of environmental laws and principles which enshrine the rights of this generation and its posterity to a more livable and sustainable corner on Earth. It likewise provides the remedies available to ordinary Filipinos seeking redress for actual damage arising from an environmental hazard as well as the immediate recourse available to those seeking to prevent environmental catastrophe on any species of life. For a country endowed by nature with every imaginable bounty, this Sourcebook is but a small token of our gratitude. Nevertheless, we are constantly aware that, to fill the cup of environmental justice, every little effort counts.

Date Published

Sunday, September 17, 2017

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Environmenal Law


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)