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28 February 2018

Judicial colloquium to address climate issue

LAHORE: The two-day Asia Pacific Judicial Colloquium on climate justice held by the Lahore High Court concluded with an effective resolution and road map to deal with the threat of climate change in the region here on Tuesday.

28 February 2018

Asia Pacific Judicial Colloquium on Climate Change Press Release

The “Asia Pacific Judicial Colloquium on Climate Change: using Constitutions to Advance Environmental Rights and Achieve Climate Justice” in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) was held in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore on 26th -27th Feb 2018. 

14 February 2018

A Climate Change Litigation Bench Book for Judges of Asia and the Pacific

Post Paris Agreement 2015, the world rushes to agree on best measures for implementing commitments to ensure that countries can collectively work towards the 1.5°C temperature target. For its part, ADB continues in its work to support its developing member countries to meet this critical global climate target.

27 April 2017

ADB’s Office of the General Counsel Launches New Technical Assistance Project to Develop Judicial Capacity for Adjudicating Climate Change Issues

The Office of the General Counsel has commenced a new technical assistance project designed to aid Asian judiciaries in adjudicating climate change and sustainable development issues. It focuses on customized in-country training programs that specifically target capacity gaps and opportunities identified by the requesting country/judiciary.

26 September 2016

ADB President Opens Judges Symposium on Climate Change’s Impact on Law

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Takehiko Nakao today opened the Third Asian Judges Symposium on Law, Policy and Climate Change, calling on the region’s judicial systems to play a key role in helping countries contribute to global efforts to mitigate climate change and its impacts.

7 December 2015

ASEAN Chief Justices Reaffirm Commitment to Environmental Law Enforcement, Regional Cooperation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — High court judges from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) reaffirmed their commitment to environmental law and climate change at a roundtable meeting last weekend in Cambodia.

27 June 2015

Cambodia To Host the 5th ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable on Environment in Siem Reap

The 5th ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable on Environment will take place in the Cambodian cultural province of Siem Reap in November this year, said Mr. Chiv Keng, Vice President of the Supreme Court of Cambodia.

17 December 2014

ASEAN Chief Justices talk about environmental issues

Viet Nam hopes to learn from other countries’ experiences in protecting the environment, President Truong Tan Sang said on Saturday to delegates attending the fourth ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable.

17 December 2014

ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable successfully finished

The fourth ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable on the Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection concluded in Hanoi on December 14 after two days of sitting. The event, co-organised by the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), focused discussions on cooperation in environment-related issues among ASEAN’s national courts, the Jakarta Common Vision on Environment for ASEAN Judiciaries and the Hanoi Plan of Action.

13 December 2014

Fourth ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable opens

The fourth ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable on the role of the judiciary in environmental protection opened on December 13th in Hanoi by the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


24 October 2016

Asian judges should unite to fight climate change

At a time when halting climate change seems impossible, let us work with our judiciaries and become their partners to deal with this crisis head-on.

25 April 2016

Companies in Viet Nam to become liable for environmental crimes

Viet Nam is a country rich in biodiversity, but is also facing rapid economic growth, with a resultant increase in environmental threats. Viet Nam has already experienced a number of significant environmental problems, the most devastating often being the result of corporate—rather than specific individual—activity.

8 April 2016

Asian judiciary: Emerging leaders in climate change action

In the flurry of reports and social media updates on the progress of COP21—and its historic success—there has been a major focus on the role of national governments working together to shape effective global climate change policy and regulatory reform.

14 January 2016

How ADB got judiciary to lead work on the environment

The Asian Judges Network on Environment (AJNE) was started at the Asian Judges Symposium attended by senior judiciaries. Under this initiative, judicial roundtables have been held in South and Southeast Asia. Asia is the only region in the world which convenes Chief Justices’ roundtables dedicated to environmental justice – and ADB is the only regional multilateral development bank supporting such meetings.

28 November 2013

Cooperation between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in Law (SAARCLAW)

Established in October 1991, SAARCLAW is a regional apex body of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). It is composed of judges, lawyers, law academics, and other stakeholders in South Asia. It has an Honorary Secretary-General with an Executive Council and country chapters. According to its Charter, SAARCLAW was formed for the purposes of disseminating information, promoting cooperation and understanding of the legal developments in the region, and developing law as an instrument of social change.

13 November 2013

Commentary: Third ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment - Third ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment (15 – 18 November 2013, Bangkok, Thailand)

For two days, from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ASEAN Chief Justices or their representatives had fruitful discussions on environmental issues with special reference to their respective Judiciaries.

It was my second attendance after the Melaka Roundtable. The Bangkok meeting was a success. Participations were excellent. Personally I learned quite a lot after hearing the experiences of the judiciaries in the other ASEAN countries. 

7 July 2013

Asian Chief Justices, Judges Propose Network to Promote Environment Justice

Asian judges proposed creation of an Asian Judges Network on the Environment to improve the quality of court rulings on environment and natural resource cases in the region at a seminar held at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Third ASEAN Chief Justices Roundtable on Environment (15 – 18 November 2013, Bangkok)

The Third Association of Southeast Asian Nations (“ASEAN”) Chief Justices Roundtable on the Environment (the “Third Roundtable”) convened on 15 – 18 November, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss the next steps for cooperation amongst the ASEAN judiciaries to enforce and shape effective environmental law for the region. The Third Roundtable brought together Chief Justices, or their representatives, from member countries of ASEAN, along with other environmental experts. It was jointly organized by the Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) and the Supreme Administrative Court of Thailand.