The Recommendation of the President of Supreme Administrative Court Regarding Administrative Procedure in Environmental Suit

In this recommendation, an “environmental administrative case” includes a legal dispute between a government agency, a state agency, a state enterprise, a local administration organization or an organization established by the virtue of the Constitution, or between a state official and a private party, or between government agencies, state enterprises, local administration organizations, or organizations established by the virtue of the Constitution or between state officials. The dispute must stem from the execution of administrative power or an administrative undertaking related to the legal provisions regarding the environment, protection or preservation of natural conditions of plants, fauna, or other living beings, the management of natural resources, protection of human health, management of human environment, climate, landscape, arts and culture or related laws as well as other cases as per the notifications made by the President of the Supreme Administrative Court.

Date Published

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resource Type

Court Rules




Environmental Law


Supreme Administrative Court of Thailand